Jaime Zuolaga
Jaime Zuloaga has been appointed Quality Manager at Enfission. With an impressive record in the nuclear business, Jaime has lived in different states and lives currently in central Florida with his family. With children spread over the US and Asia, Jaime loves to travel. At Enfission, we are committed to quality. Let’s discover more about Jaime’s work…

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The Genesis project Core Team
The Genesis project Director and Sub-Projects Leaders are preparing and coordinating next tasks in design, fabrication and licensing. Coming from the US, France, Germany, and the UK, they take the opportunity of their rotating meetings to meet local experts. The Washington, DC area is the ideal location to meet with our Licensing advisors about NRC engagement plans.
Conversation with the Board for the Genesis team
Today, Enfission has more than 60 engineers working on 10 different sites developing the fuel and its advanced manufacturing processes and we are seeking additional staff sharing our excitement for innovation, and dedication to quality and safety.

The Genesis project is organized around our three pillars, each developing plans and performing engineering studies to bring the product to market: design, manufacturing and licensing.

In addition to engineering and fabrication, support functions are providing the necessary resources and expertise in finance, supply chain, IT, contract and sales.