Project Results

Enfission is developing a high-tech innovative fuel technology which will be the first to bridge the gap between the current fleet of nuclear power reactors needs and future advanced reactors designs.

The first project launched by the company is aiming to respond to the urgency of bringing safer and better economical solutions to maintain nuclear power plants in operation in the United States, targeting the standard pressurized water reactors that power cities. Named Genesis, this first project started in early 2018.

In the nuclear fuel industry, the R&D phase generally lasts approximately a decade, due to the series of steps to design, license, and fabricate the fuel, in order to test and demonstrate its ability to be introduced in commercial reactors.

Enfission is conducting the Genesis project in innovative ways that allow us to sharply accelerate the time to market. Each discipline, which generally work independently and in series, is working as a single team, fully integrated and putting all best options in a single roadmap.

We frequently adjust this roadmap to keep up the speed to commercialization.
Soon, Lightbridge Fuel ™ samples will be irradiated in research reactors in order to gather information and data needed for licensing purpose. Being present at the conference is a great opportunity to be known by the research community and provide some insights on the first production of UZr samples and their characterization.

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Enfission plans to produce commercial Lightbridge Fuel™ assemblies at Framatome fuel fabrication facilities. The Lightbridge Fuel™ fabrication process, while different from the manufacture of conventional oxide fuels (e.g., utilizing hot coextrusion), the processes themselves are well-understood and tested. Initial manufacturing efforts are focusing on process optimization to demonstrate safe, efficient, commercial-scale production.

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