Lawrence Mercier

Lawrence Mercier


Mrs. Mercier is a member of the board of directors and has been appointed simultaneously Vice-President of Project Integration. She has also been appointed Enfission's Head of Communication.

Mrs. Mercier is the initial architect and one of the key founders of Enfission. She is playing a key role in structuring and integrating all the components of the Company’s partners, members, in the United States and Europe to keep a fast speed in the company growth and project development.

With more than 30 years of experience, more than 20 in strategy, Lawrence never lost any enthusiasm for the nuclear field and all its complex components.

Material specialist, Mrs. Mercier has been involved in research of Titanium alloys for aeronautics and naval applications at the very beginning of her career. She post-graduated in Intellectual Property (CEIPI – patents - Strasbourg, France), and since then has continuously developed unique skills in multiple areas of the Company with the two mindsets, engineering and legal. Deeply involved in quite significant technology transfers and joint-venture projects, such as Framatome-Siemens, she has been working for more than 25 years very closely with the United States, while developing significant experiences with many Asian countries.

Awarded twice for Enfission creation, by the prestigious LES US Canada, and by Framatome for commercial excellence / business innovation, Lawrence is also chairwoman of the WNA WG in Nuclear Fuel design and Fabrication, member of the WNA for more than 15 years and involved in many subjects, she is also member of the AIPPI.

“I’m proud and very excited to serve Enfission and to support all the different but complementary skilled and experienced teams, to make every day a success. Now that the Company is ramping up fast and the project progressing well, developing our brands and sharing our progress is a wonderful challenge”.

Mrs. Mercier is simultaneously serving as Deputy Head of Fuel Strategy in Framatome Fuel Business Unit headquarters in France.