Robert Freeman

Robert Freeman


Mr. Freeman is a 28-year veteran of the nuclear industry.

“It is a privilege to be a member of the Board of Directors of Enfission to help shape this revolutionary and viable new technology from concept to delivered product and help further zero carbon nuclear power plants in the world.”

Mr. Freeman is Vice President, Nuclear Fuel Contracts and Services for Framatome and has overall responsibility for North American nuclear fuel commercial operations.

His current role focuses on business development, sales and execution of both large and small projects revolving around the nuclear fuel business. Strategic planning, customer management, and fuel inspection and repair in the field are also main areas of his focus.

He has held several positions with Framatome and predecessor AREVA, including Plant Manager of the Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility, Manager for Nuclear Transportation and Logistics, and Manager of Environmental Health, Safety and Licensing. Prior to joining Framatome in 1999, he held positions with ABB Combustion Engineering performing nuclear criticality, core design engineering and licensing of shipping containers and fuel fabrication facilities.