Board of Directors

boardSeth Grae, Andrey Mushakov, James Malone, Lawrence Mercier, Jean-Francois Marrot, Robert Freeman
Seth Grae

Chief Executive Officer & President 

Seth Grae is President and Chief Executive Officer since the creation of Enfission in January 2018 and is the architect of the vision and the current plan being executed by the company.

Lawrence Mercier


Mrs. Mercier is a member of the board of directors and has been appointed simultaneously Vice-President of Project Integration. She has also been appointed Enfission's Head of Communication.

Robert Freeman


Mr. Freeman is a 28-year veteran of the nuclear industry.

James Malone


Mr. Malone has more than four decades of high-level experience in the nuclear industry, including extensive experience in all aspects of fuel procurement and management.

Jean-Francois Marrot


Mr. Marrot has 35 years of experience in nuclear fuel activities.

Andrey Mushakov


Dr. Mushakov is Director of the Board of Enfission and has been appointed simultaneously Vice-President in charge of Strategy. He is also member of the Enfission Audit & Governance Committee.