About Enfission
Enfission is a US-based 50-50 joint venture between Lightbridge Corporation and Framatome. Enfission  was established January 25, 2018 to complete the development, regulatory licensing, and commercial deployment worldwide of nuclear fuel assemblies based on multi-lobe metallic twisted fuel technology. Enfission will produce Lightbridge Fuel™ assemblies initially for operators of U.S. commercial nuclear power plants, then follow with production of Lightbridge Fuel™ assemblies for other types of reactors and for markets around the world.
Enfission Nuclear Utility Fuel Advisory Board is transforming a classical model into a high value cooperative way of planning the introduction of products and related technologies into commercial reactors.

The key to successfully developing such high tech product matching with a very challenging schedule is to combine end users utilities and regulators expectations with the most creative and experienced experts.

The Licensing Advisory Committee plays the key interface role between the project and the regulator.

A breakthrough technology is an opportunity for innovative and anticipative collaborative approaches, compiling three major stakeholders’ inputs.